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2/9/20231 min read

Are you a committed Christian believer in working in our public schools? Sunday School Email is dedicated to building and fostering a Christian community of believers that work in our public schools. Therefore, this article is for you.

Many times, we know first-hand from working with our students in high school, middle school, and elementary school, teachers who demonstrate and share mainstream Christian values, beliefs, and morals are under direct scrutiny, bullying, and worse in public schools.

Indeed, in the last few years, the scrutiny, bullying, and hostile work environment for many Christians in public schools have become more widespread.

Therefore, our best recommendation to you when confronted with a non-academic, religious, or political question by a student or fellow worker in a public school setting is to reply with the following answer verbatim: "I believe what the Bible says".

Do not elaborate any further in a public school setting. For more in-depth legal advice please consult with a licensed attorney in your state.

More information is coming soon!